Property Management Services

Property Management Services

Property Management

DENMAR Property Management provides services to vacation rental properties in Barbados. That is owned by locals and visitors, and would be more than happy to look after your investment for you and to provide the following services.

We will pick you up from the airport upon your arrival and have your fridge stocked with fine foods, if you desire.


Our services include but are not limited to the coordination, management administration, and payments of Barbados.

    • Property licensing, taxes, making sure the property is equipped and complies with the current safety requirements and laws.
    • Housekeeping, utilities, wages, butler, hostess, and security services.
    • Taking bookings and payments for the home, advertising and promoting the property for rental, check-in and check-out service.
    • 24 hour guest and emergency services.
    • Comprehensive monthly statement.

Swimming pool & Spa

The swimming pool is serviced weekly, including brushing, vacuuming, washing of filters, checking and adjusting the chemical levels, inspecting pool filtration and heating equipment for proper operation.


Maintenance is a very important part in property management. Without proper maintenance, you risk having a dissatisfied guest, serious structural and physical damage to your home and property. Our maintenance service protects you by preventing these risks. Our goal is to minimize your operating expenses by providing you with outstanding maintenance services, protecting your home and your investment.

Landscaping Maintenance

Includes blowing of debris from walkway and driveways, mowing of the lawn, edging along flowerbeds and concrete, trimming, border weeding and treatment, irrigation.

Pest Control

Pest control is performed on the interiors and exteriors as needed to prevent the invasion of unwanted pests.

General Maintenance

Includes replacement of light bulbs, replacing or washing the air-conditioning filters quarterly, smoke and pool alarm service and battery replacement. We will also perform minor repairs at no extra charge. Service subcontractors, or specialized repair companies, are at additional cost.

Housekeeping Service

Housekeeping service is done after each guest has checked out. We ensure the house is prepared and cleaned for the next guest. The bathrooms and kitchen are cleaned; soap and toilet paper are left in each bathroom. The beds are remade and all linens and towels are washed, dried, and replaced.

The entire house is vacuumed, dusted, and all trash is removed. A cleaner will conduct these duties and a housekeeper will then visit with a checklist to spot check the house inventory. A cleaner is required after each guest has checked out and it is charged to the homeowner.


  • Pest treatment, fungus and weed treatment, and lawn fertilizer.
  • Supply of new mulch to flowerbeds.
  • Trimming of trees and shrubs.
  • Pressure washing of walkways, house, and screen enclosures.
  • Interior spring cleaning.
  • Carpet cleaning.


Barbados is blessed with one of the best climates in the world drawing people to its shores all 365 days a year, providing fantastic vacation rentals and the demand for high-quality rental homes to rent far out weighs the supply.


Through different rental services, including our own website and travel operator partners, Denmar will work to maximize the occupancy and rental rate potential of each home.

Dependant on the booking source and time of the year, the weekly income will vary per reservation.

Each home is pictured on our website with a comprehensive write up. We also have links through our website and other travel companies and websites where your home will be promoted.

Please contact us for more information on our management services and charges by filling out our management enquiry form. CLICK HERE.